Automation and Control

The commitment with our customers and the provision of a high added value, and flexible service, implies direct control system management. IASUR has gathered a multidisciplinary technical team, under continuing training, aiming to offer the best solutions to our customer needs.

The ultimate objective is improving production processes, optimise resources and increase the value of the facilities by reducing costs, improving quality levels and production.

Offered services include:

  • PLCs programming .
  • HMIs and SCADAs integration and development.
  • Facilities remote management, which may include SMS or e-mail alarms, remote operation, data logging, programming access, etc.

Since 2012, IASUR is also partner of SOFREL, world leading company designing and manufacturing products for installations remote management and GSM/GPRS data loggers for district metering areas.

In water distribution networks, telemetry supervises technical installations such as drill holes, reservoirs, treatment plants, boosters etc. Telemetry and SCADA encompasses functionalities ranging from remote control, supervision and process control of facilities to overall network analysis.

In waste water and rain water networks, telemetry and SCADA offers a set of solutions for the supervision, process control and remote management of waste water network structures. The instrumentation of the networks, remote monitoring and centralization of recorded data monitors volumes flowing through the pipes and discharges into the environment. All the information gathered through telemetry and SCADA meets the needs of network self-monitoring.

Water network district metering and leak detection solutions. Reducing the volume of unbilled water, identifying leaks as quickly as possible and improving the output of the water network are constant challenges for contract operators. District metering is all the more efficient if the network is remotely controlled and monitored. Recorded data and calculations are regularly transmitted to the central systems for analysis and leak detection on the network.

The strategic alliance established with SOFREL allows IASUR’s technical team to face with total technical solvency any project related with water networks remote management, whether potable, waste, rain, agricultural or industrial water.

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