Turnkey construction

IASUR has designed and built desalination plants of different capacities and technologies, both seawater and brackish water for a wide variety of uses such as potable, agriculture and industry. . Performing a wide range of works as the assembly of electromechanical equipment, pre-treatment equipment, reverse osmosis racks, pipelines, electrical installations, automation and control, etc.

Depending on the capacity and type of the installation, the completed works cover the following systems:

  • Open or closed intake systems, with horizontal drains, beach wells or continental boreholes.
  • Driving system to plant.
  • Raw water physical and chemical pre-treatment.
  • Reverse osmosis system.
  • Osmotized water post-treatment system.
  • Civil works: Process building, tanks, urbanization, pipelines, ...
  • Driving to distribution network.
  • Brine discharge.
  • Electrical installations, automation and control.
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