Operation and maintenance

Reverse osmosis plant operation require skilled and specialized staff to efficiently undertake the management of the facilities.

IASUR owns the knowledge and the latest technical means to optimise plant operation. The use of remote control systems tools allows monitoring each installation from our headquarters, reaching perfect interaction with plant technical staff.

Depending on capacity and customer requirements, IASUR offers a full range of services for plant operation:

  • Operation and maintenance, being IASUR responsible for the facility operation, following           costumer´s guidelines such as consumption and energy efficiency.
  • Maintenance, being the customer who manages plant operation, along with IASUR specialised consultancy and maintenance support.
  • Technical consultancy, managing customer plant operation and maintenance with his own resources. Iasur provides in this case on-site or remote support services. Optionally installation control system could be remotely connected to IASUR headquarters enhancing support effectiveness.
  • Supply of specific reverse osmosis consumables to keep the installations within their optimum operation parameters. IASUR offers top range products such as cartridge filters, specific scaling inhibitors for different water sources, membranes cleaning chemicals, etc.

Operation and maintenance of reverse osmosis plants provides us an important feedback to enhance our designs, to research trough on-site pilot plants and to verify the accomplishment of project requirements. Thus, completing whole phases: engineering, construction and operation.

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